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Image by Gabrielle Ribeiro


In this modern world of abundance, we are used to making quick decisions to buy something, or throw it away. Many products have never been more financially accessible, but they hide a much higher cost.  

Mindful Shopping

Just a few ideas and inspirations to accompany your next trip to the market or store.

It's always good to take at least a cotton shopping bag with you. You never know if there is going to be an opportunity to buy fresh produce or some super cute dress...don't get caught having to buy a plastic or paper bag! Waxed cotton is waterproof, and works best in case of rain.

Go to farmers directly, farmers' markets, and bulk/unpackaged stores to get fresh, local, and seasonal produce. A huge proportion of the ecological impact of your food lies in its transportation. Don't play the game. 

Use containers of one size for the bulk/unpackaged store. This saves a lot of annoying weighing.

Make a shopping list beforehand, so you don't buy more than you actually need. Tedious, but you know it's true - we've all been there! 

Don't buy something you like right away. Sleep a night over it and make sure you really need it or it's something that is going to make your life better. If you think about it 3 separate times, then go for it.

Before you buy new clothing, go through your closet, rediscover clothes you forgot about, exchange some items with your friends, or even share closets with close friends who share your size if possible, for more variety. Avoid fast fashion at all costs.

Instead of buying everything new, check out some thrift shops, they always have cool stuff hidden for you to discover. Retro anyone?

If you need something like a tool just once, try to rent it or borrow it from a friend. You don't need to own everything imaginable! Even living on a sailboat, where an enormous amount of redundancy and self-sufficiency is needed, we still borrow tools and materials all the time.

Try food sharing and recovery apps like Too Good To Go. There is always perfectly edible produce and even restaurant dishes on offer, which you can often get for less, and sometimes even for free!

Don't only shop by price -shop by quality. With quality ingredients and Zero-Waste cooking techniques, less is truly more, and you'll be amazed at how much delicious food you can get from the ingredients you buy.

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