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Image by Oana Cristina

Tiny Living (works for everyone)

Zero waste is also about leaving a as small as possible footprint. This works often best in a tiny home like a sailboat, Camper, or tiny house.

Especially there, you learn the importance of space-saving options and not having too much in storage.

My growing knowledge of the tiny home Zero-Waste lifestyle

This list is definitely not complete, and I am still learning new ways every day. If you're open to change, the rest comes barely even notice it.

Being zero-waste in a tiny home makes a lot of sense! Instead of storing every product in big quantities, you use the reusable zero-waste version, you only need one!

This one is especially for sailboats, but also cool for any other kind of living! A bidet! There is no need for tons of toilet paper, flushed in the ocean! Also, this version is way cleaner! Cool, no?

Other toilet paper that you might be using, can go into a trash bin.

Body care products plastic free? Totally possible! There is shampoo, soap, bodylotion an all kinds of products in form of bars or pads.

Use a safety razor instead of disposable plastic ones. Buying it might be slightly more expensive but the blades are way cheaper and not such a big problem for mother nature...Also, they look pretty cool.

For all women: ever heard of menstruation cups? They are awesome! No need for tampons anymore!

You can get pretty much everything in Zero-Waste form these days., such as reusable cotton swabs, plastic-free and vegan dental floss, reusable make-up removal pads, you name it! Search on Ecosia (like Google) and you'll find plenty of innovative products that will save you money, and save the planet.

There is also a solution for your dental care: wooden toothbrushes with natural fibers, and toothpaste pills instead of tubes. 

Instead of buying a box or using adhesive tape, you can fold your own gift or storage boxes! I will show you how in the DIY area...

Another tip for gifts: keep and reuse wrapping paper! Its life is definitely not over after being used once! Just unwrap things carefully. 

DIY presents for friends and family! Let's be honest, we all got pretty much everything we need! So why not make some presents yourself? For example pralines, a cute picture frame with seashells, and your favorite picture with this person, there is tons of stuff to make! If you don't have any ideas yourself, check out my DIYs.

For me, it comes naturally, but not everyone thinks of it: shut off the light as you leave a room, it saves energy and, of course, money!

Have a cutting board on top of the sink! I made one myself with some hard wood from the reste section in a baumarkt. Gives extra countertop 

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