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There is just something magical about growing

your own food...

In Harmony with Nature

Ever watched something grow out of a tiny seed? It's a true miracle of life. 

Whether or not you have a garden, growing your own food can be done all year round, even on a sailboat!

Grow your own sprouts and microgreens! They are easy to make, delicious, and super healthy! They give every meal a kick of freshness… Also, you don't need tons of space for this growing method!

Harvest seeds from tomatoes, chillis usw to regrow, use old pieces of fabric for the tomato seeds..

Use fingernails and hair to fertilize your plants. Urine is a very good fertilizer as well.

A little herb garden goes a long way! If you do buy fresh herbs, keep them in a jar of water. Change water frequently so they keep fresh for longer!

Save water from washing veggies and rinsing micro greens and sprouts to water your plants.

Use egg packaging or similar for growing plants. Once they are big enough you can plant them in pots.

Regrow veggies from food scraps like celery, spring onions, or lettuce.

Keep spring onions in a jar with water, so they can keep growing and you can harvest multiple times! Make sure to change the water from time to time, so they keep fresh for longer!



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