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Cooking with Conscience

Zero Waste - Full Taste.

Whether you're an amateur, foodie, or aspiring professional - there's no better time to learn about sustainable cooking. Take a look below at the programs available, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!

Image by Max Delsid

Online Cooking Classes

Live with Chef Jo

Whether on your own, with friends, family or together on a date - join me for live and interactive Zero-Waste cooking classes!

Looking to master some new skills?

Want to learn more about the whole ingredient?

Interested in getting some pro hacks and insights?

Image by Jingxi Lau

Library of Delight

Anytime, Anywhere

Grab your mobile device, and find all of my past online classes here, as well as various shorter videos, printed recipes, tips, and tricks of the trade. 

Everything you need for Zero-Waste cooking, updated regularly!

Image by Josh Bean

Culinary Consultation

Want to make a statement?

Have an important lunch, dinner, or reception coming up? Together, we can create an unforgettable and unique menu. 

Show your guests quality without compromise, and reveal your commitment to fine food, creative preparation, and Zero-Waste ecology!

Image by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen

Coming soon: Dinner Cruises on Joya

Exclusive Meals prepared and served by Chef Jo on her floating home!

Are you looking for a unusual date idea, a special place to celebrate your anniversary, or the chance to make an unforgettable proposal?

Let me put the wind in your sails!

Image by Hannah Busing

Team Events

Are you looking for an extraordinary idea for your next company event?

Together with me, your team will prepare a unique seasonal dish together using products from the region and making creative use of every part of the selected ingredients! 


The gift that keeps on giving, this event redefines roles, brings out leaders, and teaches communication and collaboration with precision and timeliness, in order to achieve the perfect culinary results.  

Image by Anna Samoylova

School Events

Interested in finally trying out the school kitchen with your students?

Book them an online cooking event, they will have loads of fun learning Zero-Waste cooking techniques.. Maybe they'll even teach a few things to their parents at home!

For today's young boys and girls, cooking is a skill sadly overlooked - we've all got that 30-something friend who can't even cook pasta - let's do something about that. Preparing food is empowerment and a useful daily skill. 

Image by Edgar Castrejon

Private Cooking Class

Need my undivided attention?

Book me for a private online cooking class (or join me on my sailboat) to learn exactly what you are interested in knowing about Zero-Waste cooking!

We can use whatever ingredients you want and I can teach you any cooking technique you always wanted to be able to execute! A true personal experience built around YOU.

Lunch in a Restaurant

Professional Consulting

Looking to up your game?

Let's face it - ecology and efficiency are two sides of the same coin. For professionals, this means that saving money and saving the planet go hand in hand - and make a strong argument for potential customers too - many of whom are greatly concerned with your ecological footprint.


Let's talk - and create a bespoke plan for your food truck, restaurant, or hotel.

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