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Going the Distance

Zero-Waste cooking is about empowering people to change the world at every meal - by adopting simple habits which save money, time, and the environment.


Discover how I'm spreading the word both in- and outside of my kitchen.

November 2022

WOL Climate - Zero Waste Cooking

What a great pleasure to give an impulse to the WOL Climate session 2022 and discuss the topic of sustainable nutrition with the participants. I love the exchange and learning from each other.

June 2022

Future Week - Kids Education

What a fun experience to tell 8 to 12 years old all about Zero Waste Cooking! We had a lot of fun together, learning about sustainable nutrition and preparing some delicious food together. 

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November 2021

Larnaca Climate Conference

It was an honor to speak about food waste at this year's Larnaca Conferences on Climate Catastrophe,  opposite Dr. Martin Frick, former Senior Director of UN Climate Change, and FormWelt founder Gitta Peyn.

September 2021

Crowdfunding Success!

I've always had big dreams, and with the help of 110 amazing patrons, I raised the money needed to fix up my sailboat kitchen, and make New Wave Cooking a reality! Thank you so much!!

October 2021

Collab with Wildlings Sailing

I meet my favorite sailing YouTubers Mark & Nadiyana, and prepare a 7-course Zero-Waste meal onboard their world-traveling catamaran "Minke". SPOILER: Dinner gets interrupted by a very unexpected guest! 

Zero-Waste Cooking with Chef JoUni-Vox Radio Bamberg
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September 2021

Interview on Uni-Vox Radio

Did I forget to mention that I'm German?! For those who speak the language, check out my interview on Uni-Vox Bamberg radio, and hear where my passion for ecology and conscientious cooking comes from!

November 2021

Larnaca - Q&A with Chef Jo

Check out my breakout session, where I discuss Zero-Waste strategies and practical tips with conference participants. It's great to see how many people are passionate about reducing food waste!

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