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Sustainable Nutrition

Introductory Classes

With these quick and fun half-day adventures, students learn the basics of sustainable nutrition - and why healthy for them, means healthy for everyone.

Live Online Courses

Want some help in the classroom? I can be there - live on video - to present and animate in an interactive experience like no other. Now we're cooking!

Deep Dive Classes

If your students enjoyed the introduction program and want to know more - these bespoke programs can be crafted around numerous topics & activities - both in and out of the classroom.

Events / Guest Speaking

Do you want to inspire your students around the importance of health and sustainability, and the links between them? Let's pull back the curtains and blow some minds!

Zero-Waste Cooking

Let's take what we've learned so far and put our skills to the test - with guidance from a professional chef. Are you ready to get cooking?

Delicious, practical, and fun!

In Need of Something Else?

Education is a journey, and I learn something new every day. Let's put our minds together and create something special - just for you and your students. 

Hungry for More?

Get in touch and let's have a chat!

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