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Do It Yourself

Before buying anything it's always good to ask yourself, whether you can build or create something with your own two hands.

Besides being empowering, this saves money and provides great mental exercise.

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Grow Your Own Sprouts 

You won't regret it

Don't be scared away by the word growing!

Believe me, you can do this, no green thumb needed!

And it is such a rewarding process to see your sprouts grow and then eat them!


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Candied Orange Peel

Instead of throwing the peel of oranges, limes and lemons away, candie them!

They are super delicious, as a little snack or dessert!

Not too sweet, a little bitter, the perfect combination!


They also make a great present!


DIY Gift Box

Upcycle your old wrapping paper!

Want to wrap presents without any plastic like scotch tape?

I have THE solution for you.

Some super cute, self-made gift boxes!

If the instructions are not clear let me know!

Then I'll also make an instruction video!

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