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Johanna Geisenhainer

Sustainable Nutrition helps reduce:
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Empowering people -
Every Meal.

Simply put: Our Sustainable Nutrition programs teach people to care about what they eat, to care for themselves, and to care for those around them.


Sustainable nutrition is about healthy eating, using ingredients wisely, and getting the most value out of every meal. In a context of unparalleled access to information, we are perhaps more aware than ever of the global challenges of our time. Food, how it is produced, and how much of it is wasted, are chief among these - and are a root cause of many current environmental and social dilemmas. Empowering people with both knowledge and practical strategies around sustainable nutrition is a cornerstone of ensuring our future health and security – each and every day. 

With that in mind, our programs teach people the value of food, where it comes from, how it is produced and sold, and how to get the most out of both ingredients and packaging, in a fun, interactive, and informative way. Our programs give real-world tools that can be used to stay healthy, happy, and budget-savvy, no matter what the future may hold.

 “Cutting food waste is a delicious way of saving money,

helping to feed the world and protect the planet.” 

-Tristram Stuart

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A zero waste cooking class with chef Jo is a great experience. She guides the preparation of dishes step by step in a friendly and inclusive way, so that even inexperienced cooks can follow along. And in between there are always exciting tips on how to get even more out of food.

- Martin

Ich habe den Kochkurs bei Chef Jo zum Geburtstag geschenkt bekommen und war erst skeptisch, da ich nicht so gerne koche... doch die Verbindung von Kochen, regional, saisonal und Foodwaste hat einfach mega Spass gemacht und ist so einfach umzusetzen... wer hätte gedacht, dass ich noch Spass am Kochen habe.

- Eva

Knowing that I can have a real impact on climate change right from my own home is really empowering. I never knew that cooking sustainably could be so easy, and so much fun. My kids absolutely love getting involved in trying to problem-solve what we can use to create sustainable meals from leftovers, peels, skins, and stems. Cooking has become a family event again. We love Chef Jo!

- Marianne

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