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Guiding Principles

Learning for Life

We all have the ability for a healthy way of living. Somewhere, deep down, it might be asleep. We have to sustain this ability. We have to feed it and live it every day of our life to exist in balance with ourselves and our beautiful planet. 


So: back to the roots! Simplify life, and make it easier and more enjoyable. Find your inner peace by connecting with nature again. Grow your own food and go out into the wild to harvest those delicious veggies and herbs that grew, all by themselves without you having to do anything. And, worship those plants, by using everything you possibly can!

Zero Waste - Full Taste

Start cooking with more consciousness, use your whole vegetable from leaf to root, know what's in your fridge and make some delicious recipes using up leftovers and food that's about to go bad. Less waste also means less feeling bad about throwing out food! (Because there won't be any!)

Waste Not - Want Not!

Channel your creativity, and do some decoration with food packaging waste or natural materials you collected on the beach or in the woods. Reuse and repurpose things that you already have instead of buying new.

DIY more, make your own cleaning and care products to avoid single-use plastic packaging and as a big bonus, you can use high-quality products and do something good for your body!

(psst...a little secret - they work better too!)


About Chef Jo

“For me, cooking is about creating something greater than the sum of its parts - achieving harmony between palette and planet and bringing out the best of what nature has to offer.”

Johanna (Chef Jo) is a qualified Swiss professional chef, consultant, and lecturer. Raised in a family who grow much of their own food, Johanna became passionate about cooking gardening, and foraging from a young age – and quickly grew to understand the inextricable link between how we eat and how this impacts the environment around us.  

Johanna has made it her mission to share this knowledge with people around the world, empowering them with the skills and techniques to be healthy, happy, and conscientious - appreciating the true value of what they eat.

Johanna is a trained chef (EFZ) and holds a federal certificate of proficiency. In 2019, she graduated as the best apprentice of the year in a renowned Michelin© star hotel and restaurant in Basel. She founded New Wave Cooking in 2021, a sustainable nutrition consultancy and training initiative. 

At the moment she is working in an event location in Zurich called DieCuisine as Head of Sustainable Kitchen and Garden / Community Management. 

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