Food Waste is a BIG Deal.

Let's do something about it.

Plastic food packaging was the most common beach trash in 2018.

-National Geographic, 2019

Agriculture in the EU accounts for approximately 10.1% of all Greenhouse Gas emissions.

-European Environment Agency, 2020

 - AND YET - 

An estimated 20-30% of total food produced is lost or wasted.

-Multiple, 2020-2021

33 million people in the EU alone cannot afford a quality meal every second day.

-Eurostat, 2018

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Zero Waste - Full Taste.

Save Money, Save Time, Save the Planet.

New Wave Cooking is about challenging yourself to reimaging cooking - and changing perspectives on what makes food,!

You'll discover how to use what many of us consider "trash" to create incredible dishes and sides - getting the most out of each ingredient you buy.


Why is this important? Because the parts (peel, sprouts, bones, leaves, and so on) we often discard contain the highest nutritional value! Furthermore, using ingredients more efficiently means spending less money, and reducing the carbon footprint and plastic pollution created by the transport and packaging of your food.

So, stop selling yourself short, and start getting the most out of each ingredient - your body, mind, and wallet will thank you!

Are you ready to amaze your family and friends with tips, tricks, and recipes that are as good for you as they are for the planet? 


About Chef Jo

A Harmony of Palette and Planet

For me, cooking is about creating something greater than the sum of its parts - achieving harmony between palette and planet, and bringing out the best of what nature has to offer.


Even as a young girl, cooking was a passion for me, and I have always loved to explore new ways to prepare food, and use wild plants I could collect in the forests and fields nearby. 



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